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Whether it’s following a group of new recruits training to be Royal Marines in Commando on the Front Line, or looking behind the scenes at the incredible work of a West End theatre in Theatreland we’re always looking for the best in the people we make films about. For War Torn Warriors we climbed in the Himalayas with wounded Royal Marines Commandos whose ability to cope with their injuries was truly awe-inspiring, and we told the harrowing stories of the families and individuals whose lives have been devastated by tornadoes, hurricanes and fire storms in Nature’s Fury. Most recently we've been on the front line with 42 Commando, Royal Marines, to capture life in the most dangerous square mile in the world for Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan. We've also seen how a theatre company helped transform the lives of injured soldiers in Imagine...Theatre of War.

Set up by award-winning directors Chris Terrill and Christine Hall, Uppercut Films is dedicated to its own brand of public service broadcasting and strives to keep programme costs to a minimum. They use all available funds to re-invest in the kind of films they believe are worth making.

Chris and Christine are both highly-respected documentary makers with over 20 years experience each and 10 industry awards between them, including two international Emmys, BAFTA and RTS awards.

“Making documentaries that celebrate people’s achievements is at the heart of Uppercut’s ethos”


We primarily make observational documentaries for all the main UK broadcasters as well as America, but we also have a couple of other outlets for our talents.


The recently formed Posterity Productions Ltd, under the umbrella of Uppercut Films, draws on the company’s vast experience of filming theatre and stage productions to offer an archive service to the entertainment industry.


  • Watch Tonight

    Posted 9 April

    Marine 'A' - Criminal or Casualty of War?

    Last November Sergeant Alexander Blackman was convicted of murdering a Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan and sentenced to life imprisonment. Tomorrow he is appealing against the conviction and the sentence. Filmmaker Chris Terrill, who has witnessed the horrors of the Afghan conflict first hand, looks into Blackman's case, asking questions about the ethics of combat and rules of engagement in war as well as the mind bending nature of active duty on the front line.

  • New Series Starting

    Posted 27 November

    Surviving the Arctic with Chris Terrill

    Don’t forget this week is the start of our new series. Episode one sees Chris travelling with the Sami people of Northern Norway as they follow the great reindeer migration across the arctic. The Sunday Times says, “It is an experience that provides a moment of impressive and unstaged tension, worthy of the finest wildlife documentary”. Surviving the Arctic with Chris Terrill, Thursday 28th, Channel 5 9pm.

  • November Transmissions

    Posted 29 October

    Battle Scarred and Living on the Edge

    November is going to be a busy transmission month for Uppercut. The great news is that ‘Battle Scarred’ is continuing on Channel 5 with ‘Nightmare on Civvy Street’ airing at 9pm on 16th November looking at the difficulties our servicemen face when leaving the armed forces; and ‘Soldiering On’ on the 23rd November following the remarkable story of 92 year old ex Bomber Command John Hall. Details of our new series Living on the Edge, also starting in November, will follow soon.


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