Over the years we have built up a loyal team of talented and dedicated professionals who also happen to be great people to have around.

  • Chris Terrill


    Creative Director

    Chris has established himself as one of the foremost documentary makers in the country - specialising in films about people and communities as well as the military and high adventure.  His proudest possession is the honorary green beret he was awarded when filming for Commando on the Front Line. He became the only civilian and the oldest person to pass the gruelling commando tests.


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    Creative Director

    Just as Chris was thinking about giving up television to open a Gastropub she was offered the job of series producing and directing a new series with Gordon Ramsay for Channel 4. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares earned high plaudits from the critics, and won a stream of industry awards, including a BAFTA, Grierson, International Emmy and Broadcast award.


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    Office Dogsbody

    As well as gracefully lounging on the red velvet sofa, Molly’s duties include greeting visiting commissioning editors, removing unwanted food debris from the office rubbish bins and generally cheering everyone up.



  • ERICA BANKS  |  Production Manager

    A wizard with figures and a master of office repartee, Erica has quickly adapted to our quirky ways. Her wealth of experience in the industry means she can do the job practically standing on her head – just as well because flexibility is the name of the game at Uppercut.

  • ALEXANDRA KELLY  |  Production Coordinator

    Alexandra is responsible for the day to day running of our productions and keeping a close eye on Chris's filming activities.  Fortunately for us (and her) she is married to a former Royal Marine so she's learned a thing or two about working under pressure and seems to carry the RM mantra 'cheerfulness in the face of adversity' at all times.

  • JULIE BUCKLAND  |  Offline Editor

    As a long-term member of the Uppercut team, Julie is a BBC trained, BAFTA-nominated editor with a slate of cutting edge documentaries and prestigious dramas to her name. Recent work for Uppercut includesTheatreland for Sky Arts, Nature’s Fury for ITV1 and Royal Marines Mission Afghanistan for Five. During screen breaks her secondary role is as Molly’s sleep therapist.

  • JAMIE HAY  |  Offline Editor

    Jamie won a BAFTA for ‘The Nazis: a Warning from History’ whilst working as a staff editor at the BBC. He has over 100 prime-time documentaries under his belt for all the major UK broadcast channels. We’re privileged to have him work for us on projects such as War Torn Warriors for Sky1, Nature’s Fury for ITV1 and Royal Marines Mission Afghanistan for Five. Find out more at Jamie's editor website jamiehay.co.uk 

  • Paul Mattin

    PAUL MATTIN  |  Associate Producer

    An ex-Royal Marine and fully qualified Mountain Leader, Paul works on our military and adventure projects as organizer, trouble-shooter, assistant cameraman and all-round good guy.  When he’s not working for Uppercut he organizes adventure and management trips. www.wildernesssolutions.co.uk